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Hi There!

My name is Sean and I am the owner of this website. Thank you for visiting me! I set up this website because I am very interested in sharing the information that I have learned and worked on pertaining to the the field of antivirus software. This can include such things as spyware and firewalls. I think that this topic is particularly important because of the day and age in which we live. We need to use computers every day, and a lot of us work at home or remotely through the internet. Unfortunately, just like there were highwaymen and robbers in the olden days, there are people looking to ruin your computer and steal your information. They do this through giving you computer viruses or looking through the files on your computer using spyware or malware. This is a very serious issue for many people, so using antivirus is the best way to protect yourself from it.

The problem is that technology is always changing. As a result, cybervillains are always on the prowl trying to adjust and find new ways to steal your information or harm your computer. Because of this ever changing threat to innocent internet users, I have been researching very hard to find out the best ways for you to keep yourself, your information, and your computer protected. If you have any suggestions or information of new kinds of viruses or spyware, please make sure to get in contact with me so that I can disseminate the appropriate facts. Thank you!