Watch out for Phishing!



If you have ever lost your credit card, your identification, or your social security card, you know the feeling of fear that can creep over you. What if somebody steals your identity and uses your ID and money to benefit themselves? It is honestly very terrifying to think about it. But what if I told you that people can steal your personal information on the internet?

It’s true–identity theft and loss of personal information happens all of the time online. Within the past ten years, the term “phishing” has emerged. This means that there are people and computer softwares that can lure you into giving them your personal information and then use it for unscrupulous purposes.

How to spot phishing

One of the scariest things about phishing is that most of the time, your antivirus and anti-spyware software cannot protect you from it. However, you can download some computer protection software that will screen sites for you to see if they are trustable or not. If they are not, oftentimes they will navigate you away from that page to make sure that your personal information does not get stolen.

Be smart

The best thing to do to avoid being a victim of phishing is to use your intuition. It is important to ask yourself, “can I trust this site?” or things like “why are they asking for my personal information?” In doing this, statistics show that you can protect yourself from almost 80 percent of all phishing attempts on the internet.

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