Check Your Firewall Settings!



Protecting your computer is a lot like protecting a person or a military base in modern warfare. Oftentimes, you will have multiple lines of defense set up. Additionally, you have specialized kinds of defense mechanisms and weapons to make sure that you are keeping an intruder out. In the computer world, your first line of defense is not your antivirus or anti-spyware software, but your firewall. This post is aimed at helping you understand how your firewall protects you and how to manipulate it to enhance your internet surfing experience.

Your first line of defense

Surfing the net

When you are browsing the internet, you will undoubtedly run into websites that contain harmful viruses and spyware. While some of these malicious pieces of software require you to click on them, others will just launch themselves at your computer system’s security. Hence, having a ready and able defense is the best key in these situations. This is where your firewall comes in. The way the firewall functions is to prevent unauthorized software and guests from being on your computer. Your firewall is often found in the settings of your internet browser. This is why you may get notifications asking if you want ot proceed when you are downloading something.

Hanging ten while surfing the net

You probably have websites that you enjoy visiting that may seem like they are unauthorized. For example, many blogs or special interest sites can seem like this. Your firewall may block them. What you should do is go into your settings and allow that website’s domain. This will allow you to customize your protection in the web surfing experience.

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