Antivirus on Different Operating Systems

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It is 2016 now, and there is no doubt that  the readers here run their computers on different operating systems. For example, some of you may be running Windows while others may be running Mac. Still others may be operating on a Linux based system. This post is written with the intent to educate all of our readers on how antivirus software fits in to your everyday life with your operating system.

Antivirus and operating systems

I know that there are definitely some operating systems out there that may be custom or tweaked, but here I am just going to stick with the big three operating systems. Hopefully you won’t feel left out.


This is by far still the most popular operating system in the world today. However, with the award of being the most popular also comes the scourge of being the most targeted. Windows users are under constant siege form internet attackers. As a result, they should keep in mind that they will need to beef up their computer’s security with heavy duty antivirus and anti-spyware software as well as an upgraded firewall.


Macintosh has gotten increasingly popular over the last decade. There used to be very few viruses written for the Macintosh computer. However, with an increasing number of people purchasing and using Macs, there are viruses and spyware that exist. Make sure to have a medium duty antivirus on your computer.


Linux users are more uncommon and consequently enjoy the luxury of very few Linux viruses. An antivirus may not be necessary for your operating system.

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